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Culmeta is an innovative provider of gourmet cutting boards and kitchenware dedicated to the idea that your home is not only a place to relax and entertain friends and family but also your canvas for self-expression. We provide products and inspiration that spark your creativity and give you the means to exhibit your own unique style in the kitchen.

The Culmeta brand eschews the ordinary, delivering the promise of contemporary, natural vision for your home. Culmeta products are durable, aesthetically pleasing and made from sustainable, earth-friendly materials. The Culmeta experience is defined by our commitment to deliver a total package of first-rate kitchen products, modern style and environmental responsibility.

The aim of is to create an online experience that is not just about the products, but also about you and your interests. To that end, we've developed a constantly evolving site, complete with a frequently updated blog, product releases and news tidbits related to cooking and entertaining at home.

Above all, Culmeta encourages your participation and feedback. Have a topic you would like to see discussed? Comment on the Culmeta blog. Perhaps there's a product you want offered here? Tell us about it. Contact us with questions, suggestions or other info, and be sure to check back often.

At Culmeta we'll strive to take every site visitor seriously, as we work to build an open forum and product hotbed for today's connoisseur of innovative, environmentally sustainable kitchenware.

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