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5 eco-friendly things to do to before fall hits

by Robin


Summer officially has just a few days left. Here are a few environmentally friendly things you can do to help you switch your focus from summer to fall.
• Cancel unwanted catalogs before they start arriving for the holidays. You may have already received a holiday catalog or two. Did you ever notice that after the first catalog arrives from a company in early fall, more catalogs arrive from the same company every two or three weeks until the New Year? The items in the catalogs are usually the same, but the cover gets changed so you think there’s something new in there. To stop all those unwanted catalogs from showing up in your mailbox, save a lot of paper from being wasted, and make your mailman extra happy during the upcoming season, head over to Catalog Choice, an online service where you can easily cancel unwanted catalogs and other junk mail.
• Use your green tomatoes. Don’t let the green tomatoes on your tomato plants go to waste once you know it’s too late in the season for them to turn red. Try your hand at making fried green tomatoes.
• Go apple picking. Pick a couple of quarts of apples from a local grower and make the world’s easiest applesauce right in your slow cooker. When you use sweet apples, there’s no need to add sugar or anything else.
• Plant a cover crop in your vegetable garden to keep the soil healthy over the winter. If your garden is done for the season, don’t leave it barren. Many cover crops can be tilled right into the garden in the spring, and they’ll add nutrients and organic matter to next year’s soil.
• Keep the heat off. If the chill has already started to kick in where you live, reach for a sweater or sweatshirt instead of the thermostat. It’s silly to turn the heat on in the summer, isn’t it? And once autumn hits, challenge yourself to keep the heater off as long as possible.

Image: SixTwo Point of View


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