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5 Great Cooking Apps for Your iPhone and BlackBerry

by Meghan


Are you sick and tired of lugging your laptop into the kitchen – and awkwardly balancing it on the counter while trying to decipher a recipe – every time you try to make a new dish? And what about those awful splatters that cover your monstrous, 500-page cookbooks? (You know, the ones that unquestionably appear each time you concoct a fresh soup or pasta sauce.) If you have an iPhone or BlackBerry, you can say goodbye to heavy cookbooks and kitchen-bound computers and hello to effortless shopping, food preparation, and recipe-sizing. Simply download one or more of the applications listed below, and enjoy! Patrik’s Easy Cooking for BlackBerry
Get 72 of Chef Patrik Jaros’ (and food photographer Gnter Beer’s) delicious recipes tailored to amateur cooks, plus tips on how to turn supermarket convenience foods into succulent delicacies with little effort. Each dish contains a maximum of 5 familiar ingredients in completely new contexts, urging cooks to experiment with Jaros’ unusual creations. Browse recipes by category or chapter, view step-by-step slideshows of food preparation, organize an illustrated shopping list, search recipes and ingredients by keyword, send recipes via email, and more.

TinyKitchen allows you to sync your favorite meals and recipes with Google Docs: “No more typing recipes into your phone. Now you can edit them with the Google Docs word processor, share them with your friends, or upload them from MS Word files.” With this iPhone application, search over 70,000 recipes on and download them right to your phone; turn recipes into shopping lists; scale them up or down depending on crowd size; and even post and upload your meals directly to Tumblr and Twitter to share your masterpieces with friends.

Cooking Star
Looking to better your cooking skills, but not quite ready to step into a kitchen? The Cooking Star consists of eight mini-games and allows users to master each one to unlock real recipes and build their cookbooks. Tilt, touch, flick, and flip to cook up mouth-watering meals and become a star chef!

Kitchen Calculator PRO
This app will help you convert and scale recipes using standard cooking fractions and convert ingredients from weight to volume.

“iEats is the new iPhone application available on iTunes. iEats: Appetizers is the first in the series. Easy to make innovative recipes, extraordinary plating techniques and tantalizing recipes by James Beard Foundation recognized Chef Marco Porceddu. iEats features beautiful pictures of each recipe, coupled with three perfect wine pairings. iEats will also calculate the amount of ingredients needed for the number of people you are serving. Select a recipe by preparation time, level of difficulty or “Feeling Lucky” Just shake the phone and get a random selection!”

For a complete list of Cooking apps for your iPhone, click here.

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