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A thorough cutting board cleansing

by Joey


There are many different types of cutting boards, but this cleaning method will ensure sanitation and a longer shelf life for any material.A cutting board demands a thorough cleaning to prevent germs and other grime that can taint food and create foul odors. There are many different ways to clean a cutting board, but using the right cleaning materials and following these basic steps will help you practice good sanitation and extend the life of your cutting board. You’ll need an antibacterial dish-washing soap, a nylon sponge, vinegar, a lemon, salt and hydrogen peroxide.

First, take the dirty cutting board and throw a few dashes of salt on the surface. Squeeze the lemon all over the board and use the lemon wedge to scrub the board. The salt acts to break down food particles and the acid from the lemon juice will kill any lingering odors.

Next, run the cutting board under warm water and make sure to get rid of any remaining food chunks. Soak the sponge in the dish detergent and then scrub the board thoroughly until you cannot see any visible traces of food or residual food colors. Rinse the cutting board and let it dry for about 15 minutes.

Next, disinfect the cutting board by treating it with a mixture of vinegar and water (use a little more water than vinegar). Ideally, use a large pan to soak the board in the solution for about 10 minutes, or just long enough to let it settle into the top of the cutting board.

Finally, soak a clean towel in hydrogen peroxide and then wipe the surface of the cutting board. Let it stand for at least a few minutes to give the peroxide time to eat away bacteria. Rinse well with hot water and a little more dish soap. Run the board under the water until there are no traces of any cleaning agents on it, and then set in a tray or dish bin to dry.

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