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Going green for the holidays

by Joey


Gift-giving has a tendency to stagnate into socks and gift certificates. Try something new this year.With global warming, pollution and energy conservation on the top of everyone’s minds, an opportunity exists for the every man to think globally, act locally, and best of all, buy a sweet gift for friends and loved ones this holiday season.

E-The Environmental Magazine ( has published a list of environmentally friendly holiday gifts. Here’s an excerpt:

“Putting more green into your holidays means more than leaving less impact on the planet. It’s about choosing gifts that are made with durable, quality, non-toxic materials. Luckily, this often leads to quirky, one-of-a-kind items that say as much about your creative leanings as your Earth-friendliness. Giving green can mean everything from reusing gift wrap and gift bags (or do-it-yourself stenciled paper bags or comics pages), to putting all-natural lotions and beeswax candles in stockings and solar-powered electronics and vintage jewelry under the tree. Of course, if you choose to actually give green — as in plants! — that’s OK, too.”

And of course, what green gift list would be complete without the inclusion of bamboo items? Another snippet: “contemporary kitchenware from renewable bamboo, including serving trays, cutting boards and gracefully curved natural utensils. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants, requires no fertilizers or pesticides and releases 35% more oxygen than its timber equivalent.”

Still not sold? Check the price tag.

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