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Healthy mini-goals

by Robin


Have you heard about first lady Michelle Obama’s new campaign against childhood obesity? It’s called Let’s Move, and it aims to solve the problem of childhood obesity within one generation. That’s an ambitious goal, but the key to most successful ambitious goals is to keep plugging away, one small mini-goal at a time.

A big part of the Let’s Move campaign centers around food. Mrs. Obama wants to make healthy food affordable for all. Let’s face it though; even those of us who can afford healthy food don’t always reach for it. It may just take setting small mini-goals to start us on the road to healthier eating, whether we are feeding a family with children or just ourselves.

What type of mini-goals? Start with your lunch and try one of these.

Ditch the chips. You have a sandwich; you have a side of chips, right? Swap those chips out for something else just as crunchy – carrot strips, cut up apple wedges, or pepper strips. You will lower your intake of salt and fat while adding vitamins to your meal. At the end of the week, you may find that you want to continue with the healthy crunchy food.

Swap out your white bread for 100% whole wheat or white whole wheat bread. Whole wheat is better, but in the past couple of years white whole wheat breads have come on the market with more nutrition than the traditional white bread.

Take you milk down one notch. If you drink whole milk, try 2%. If you drink 2%, try 1%. And if you drink 1%, it’s time to give skim milk a shot. Many, but not all, brands of organic milk tend to be creamier than their non-organic counterparts. So if you’re going from regular 2% milk, try organic 1% milk. You may not notice a difference.

Put the dressing on the side. Here’s a trick those who attend weight loss classes get taught. When you’re eating a salad, keep the dressing on the side. Before each bite, dip your fork into the dressing to get a little on the fork. Then dig into the salad. When you eat, your tongue will get a little salad dressing in each bite, you’ll get the good taste, and you’ll use a lot less dressing – the most fattening part of most salads.

These are small changes and easily achievable mini-goals for one week. By the end of the week, you may realize that you don’t need to go back to the old habits, and you’ll be ready to take on your next mini-goal that will lead you on the path to healthier eating.


Photo Credit: Admiller

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