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iPhone apps that help you eat healthier and more responsibly

by Robin


If you’re looking for on the spot information about a food you’re about to buy or eat, there are many iPhone apps that can help you. How about information about where to find the freshest, most local food? There’s an app to help you with that, too. Here’s a list of apps – some free, some for a small price – that can help you make healthier or more environmentally responsible choices with your food.
Seafood Watch – Knowing which seafood is sustainable and which is not when you’re staring at the seafood counter at the grocery store can be confusing. This app from Montery Bay Aquarium can help you make responsible choices. An easy system of rating seafood by Best Choice, Good Alternative or Avoid helps you make decisions on the spot. You’ll be able to instantly see, for example, that Atlantic Halibut should be avoided while Pacific Halibut is a Best Choice.

Don’t Eat That! – Ever wonder what all those long named ingredients are on the back of a box of crackers you’re about to buy? Now you can know, and know if they are ingredients you want in the food you eat. The Don’t Eat That! app is an alphabetical list of hundreds of ingredients with information about each one.

Locavore – Want to know what’s in season locally right now? How about where the nearest farmers market is when you’re on vacation? The Locavore app has that information and more.

Eat This, Not That – When you’re at a restaurant staring at the menu, it’s almost impossible to know what the healthiest choices are. The Eat This, Not That app lets you know that the Full Strawberry Poppyseed Salad is a great choice on the Panera Bread menu, but the Full Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad is something you might want to avoid.

Food News – The Environmental Working Group has rated fresh fruits and vegetables based on the amount of pesticides found in them. The worst 12 offenders have been dubbed “The Dirty Dozen,” and consumers are urged to always buy them in their organic form. This app simply lists all the fruits and vegetables that were rated in order, and is a quick handy guide at the produce stand or grocery store.

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