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Quick facts and figures about bamboo

by Joey


Some staggering numbers that shape the world of bamboo.-More than 1 billion people live in bamboo homes
-Bamboo is not wood, it’s a member of the grass family (and one of earth’s fastest growing plants)
-China is the world leader in bamboo, with more than 400 indigenous species
-The oldest archaeological findings of bamboo tools date back 7,000 years
-Some species of bamboo can grow up to 60 feet in eighteen months
-The plant reproduces through rhizomes, which are horizontal shoots that germinate underground
-Bamboo's tensile strength is 28,000 psi versus 23,000 psi for steel
-Bamboo’s flexibility makes it the world’s best earthquake-proof building material
-Most species generate about 35% more oxygen than a tree grove taking up the same space
-As a food, bamboo shoots contain concentrated amounts of sugar, fat, protein and essential vitamins
-Derivatives of bamboo are widely used as a medical treatment for asthma, respiratory diseases and to induce lactation

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