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Survey Says: Renewable Kitchen Materials in High Demand

by Joey


A new survey from the American Institute of Architects reveals an increase in popularity among eco-friendly products and renewable materials for the modern home kitchen.

According to the latest Home Design Trends Survey conducted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), sustainable and environmentally friendly materials have risen and continue to rise in popularity among American homeowners. The survey focused primarily on kitchen and bathroom features and specifically made reference to a growing demand for bamboo products.

“Kitchens continue to be the dominant design area within the home,” said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA. “There is also a growing interest in eco-friendly features for kitchens such as bamboo and cork flooring, and concrete and bamboo countertops.”

Survey respondents were asked to rate the likelihood that they would purchase kitchen products and features. Renewable flooring materials and countertops were among the items showing an increase in popularity in 2007 over 2006.

Adding emphasis to the trend, a separate AIA poll showed that 90% of respondents would be willing to pay $5,000 more for a house that would use less energy and protect the Earth.

The AIA also reported that growing consternation over a weakened economy has led to a lower interest in big ticket furnishings, further indicating a desire for alternative home décor options.

The AIA Home Design Trend Survey is conducted quarterly with a panel of 500 architecture firms that concentrate their practice in the residential sector. Residential architects are design leaders in shaping how homes function, look, and integrate into communities and the survey helps to identify emerging trends in the housing marketplace.

You can access the full survey at

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